Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Upper Elementary students worked with our music teacher, Mr. Eric Brigmond, to compose a song version of our school mission.
Our Vision

To cultivate an inclusive and vibrant community that promotes knowledge, creativity, independent thinking and mutual respect.

Our Core Values

Academic Excellence: We embrace academic excellence, guiding our children's innate curiosity and encouraging joy in learning.

Independence and Imagination: We foster independent thinking and spark imagination, inspiring our children to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Peace and Respect: We instill respect for self, respect for one another and respect for our planet, enhancing prospects for peace.

Characteristics of Professional Excellence

Discovery School Educators...

  • Model the Portrait of the Graduate

  • Passionately pursue their own professional growth and development

  • Unabashedly hold children at the center of all decisions and actions

  • Cultivate an inclusive and vibrant learning community

  • Discover and act on what is possible 


    Portrait of a Graduate

    Discovery School graduates are...

    • Explorers pursuing their passions

    • Spirited and reflective risk-takers

    • Peacemakers

    • Resourceful and perseverant innovators

    • Leaders who inspire others to discover and act on what is possible

    • Responsible, courageous world citizens

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