Elementary Program

Elementary Program: 6 Years to 12 Years Old (First to Sixth Grades)

The multi-age classroom allows for an every day setting where younger students are able to learn from their experienced peers. This arrangement benefits the older children by providing them with a leadership opportunity; the younger children benefit by having daily positive role models which extend beyond the teachers.

The classroom is equipped with materials for a variety of academic levels at this age range, regardless of the child's "grade level". The students are able and encouraged to concentrate on their own progress.
Specific goals for the elementary student are as follows: 
  • To foster independence and self-confidence in each student.
  • To assist students in developing responsibility for one's own actions and a responsibility for and awareness of the surrounding community.
  • To aid the discovery of the social skills necessary to interact peacefully with others in the community and to help each student acquire an awareness of an appreciation for people beyond one's own community.
  • To learn about the universe at large and the smaller sections of the world in which the students live and how they relate to those microcosms.
  • To provide an environment that stimulates each child to reach her or his full potential as a human being in their own creative way.
  • To help each student to build a concept of time and time management in order to achieve his/her goals.


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